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4 stars

Ah, finally found what I was looking for after being disappointed with previous reads. Also, I didn't care much about the romance though so I had no complex thoughts regarding that matter. Next, Book 2!


The Darkest Hour (A KGI Novel)

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks DNF @ 37%

I was in the mood to read something suspense, mystery and thriller. Oh how I did enjoy the action at the beginning of the book only to find the excitement was short and killed with uber emotional afterwards.

I wanted to finish it but the more I went through, it gotten weird and weirder. Let me tell you why.

I didn't feel the connection between Ethan and Rachel - note that they're married. However, there was a spark between Rachel and Garrett, Ethan's brother - which didn't bode well with me. I begun to think "Uh oh somebody married to a wrong brother." I didn't know what other readers might think of this but to me, it seems it's wrong on so many levels.

Endearment from Ethan to his wife, it didn't bother me. Others as well too but with moderate usage. However, in this book, it was overrated.

I get the family affection and all but why did it feel like... incest.

Too emotional. I'm not ready to handle that after previous read.

Seriously, it was a bummer because it was action pack with a little bit of romance of course that I was looking for. Not some drama llama emotional drained thing.

Anyway, I rest my case here. I guess everybody loves it but me. Read on your own peril.

The Ranger: A Highland Guard Novel

The Ranger  - Monica McCarty 5 stars

This book was great. I loved the romance between Arthur and Anna. It was sizzling, all right. I loved the plot line too. It was very interesting.

You know, reading this book makes me wish to visit Scotland someday.


King's Million-Dollar Secret (Harlequin Desire)

King's Million-Dollar Secret - Maureen Child 3 stars

As usual, it was a good read.

Cinderella & the CEO (Silhouette Desire)

Cinderella & the CEO - Maureen Child 4 stars

Loved the heroine. Hero wasn't that bad too and it's Christmas theme!

Wedding at King's Convenience (Silhouette Desire, No. 1978 / Kings of California)

Wedding at King's Convenience - Maureen Child 2 stars

It wasn't as good as previous books.

Claiming King's Baby (Kings of California Series)

Claiming King's Baby  (Silhouette Desire, #1971) - Maureen Child 4 stars

Loved this! Although the hero was infuriating, the story was wonderful. Loved Jonas too. He's such a sweetie.

Conquering King's Heart (Silhouette Desire)

Conquering King's Heart - Maureen Child 3 stars

I didn't like the heroine AT ALL. She was so annoying. Thank goodness I loved the hero. He's the best so far and quite charming. Also, he was a former professional surfer guy and still surf! What's not to love about that, eh?

Falling For King's Fortune (Silhouette Desire)

Raimon, O, El Seny Fantastic - Luis Racionero 3 stars

I love babies! The best part in this book was a scene where Jackson held his daughter for the first time. As I imagined it, it was wonderful!

Marrying For King's Millions (Silhouette Desire)

Marrying for King's Millions - Maureen Child 4 stars

Loved the heroine but not so the hero. Loved the plot line too.

Bargaining For King's Baby (Silhouette Desire)

Bargaining for King's Baby - Maureen Child 3 stars

It was a good read but I disliked the heroine.

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps - Kelly Williams Brown 3 stars

Read this because the title was interesting enough.

The Chase (Fast Track)

The Chase - Erin McCarthy 1 star

WHAT THE EVER-LOVING FUCK IS THIS SHIT that I just finished reading!? I'm done with this series. Bye.

Once in a Lifetime (Lucky Harbor)

Once in a Lifetime  - Jill Shalvis 5 stars

This book was amazing! It had a wonderful story and I really loved it! I loved the main characters. The list stuff thing was brilliant and I liked the mystery as well that got me hooked until the end. Just awesome.

By the way...

I learnt that the next trilogy will the final one in this series. In other word, there will be no more Lucky Harbor after Book 12. I want to cry. No, scratch that. I'm actually crying because I'm going to miss everything about this series. I'm going to miss it terribly. Sobs.

Highly recommended.


Transcendence - Shay Savage I gave up after Chapter 4. I guess this wasn't for me.

Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction)

Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction) - Laurann Dohner 4 stars

I love this series! You are awesome, Laurann Dohner.

What I disliked.
I just don't understand why I felt dull chemistry between Blackie and Eve. I tried to like them as a couple but I couldn't. Also, I found Eve's annoying. Well, sometimes.

What I liked.
Although Eve isn't in the top of my favourite heroines' list, she's kickass though. I loved heroines who are independent and can protect themselves, don't need help from heroes, you know. Blackie's hot. Also, I loved Danica. I even loved the idea of Danica and Gene. Their chemistry was palpable.

Here I'm wondering when will the next book out. I hope it's sooner enough.

Recommended if you like erotic PNR.

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