The Do-Over

The Do-Over - M.K. Schiller 5 stars

I must say, this book is one of the best books ever and I got to finish it at wee hour of Valentine's Day! Ah, I bet this happy feeling will stay longer until I found the next best read. Hope so.

This book held the best romance so far. I enjoyed every moment of it although it started from dishonesty but it felt real to me - Kyle and Lanie are perfect for each other and the chemistry between them is overwhelming. I enjoyed their conversations too. Both of them are so funny, I laughed a lot. They are good people too. It was great reading about them.

There's one scene at climatic part that I found ridiculous and not necessary. It was kind of drama llama, seriously but I guess I'll just ignore that.

Finally, I got to enjoy something great from this author after failing to love my first read written by her. Yeap. Hope she writes the next amazing book in the future! I'm keeping tabs on.

Highly recommended.