DNF at 50%

This is an honest review. You've been warned.

I was in the mood to read erotic. So I picked this one.

At 1%
Fornication begins. Already???
Rafe with one woman I forgot who she was and her name. And then with another woman, again I forgot who she was and her name. Yeap.

At 9%
Rafe and his cousin. INCEST. Erkkk

At 14%
Rafe and his manservant, Johnson.
Damn that man named Johnson was hot alright.

At 15%
Rafe meets girl named Charlotte and she's a governess. He wants her so badly but he can't have her because she is seeking for husband. She wants him too but she can't because Rafe said he doesn't do permanent. You see, this two has no connection whatsoever except for lusty lust.

At 21%
Voyeurism. Johnson and a maid. Rafe just watching.
Oh well it was interesting experience for me anyway.


Then, it turns into endless sex.

Rafe and whoever.
Charlotte and Johnson. Ohhh you surprise?
Again voyeurism.
Rafe and Charlotte are trying to resist each other.


At 50%
And then... he finally fucked had her! Huh...

I guess this book wasn't for me. Read on your own peril.