Searching for Someday

Searching for Someday  - Jennifer Probst It could do better This is an honest review. You have been warned.The story wasn't actually that bad. I did enjoy some of the conversations, the main characters' banters with each other and the intense attraction between Kate and Slade. I liked minor characters too. Good sense of humor in this book too. BUT there's a few things that didn't go well with me.SPOILER ALERTFirst, Kate was a virgin. Okay, fine but I was cringed she didn't warn Slade on the firsthand before the man slammed inside her. Pardon my frankness, truly. And, it didn't sound romantic at all and all I could think at the moment when I was reading that part was "Damn that must've been hurt like hell!" Second, I remember that there is a sentence that said Slade's parents were with his sister when she had her episode but then I read somewhere his sister had the episode long after their parents' death. So, er...which one of them supposed to be, if I must ask? Perhaps I might read it wrong and I really do hope that I'm wrong but if it's otherwise, why did you let this happen dear author, dear editor? Third, I was so freaking tired reading Kate and Slade with their constant back-and-forth, pull-and-push, and do-you-want-me-or-want-me-not. I was like, "Come on you two just get to it!".IMO, this book could do much better than what it already is. Anyway, I'm the minor case here because who knows you might like it.Read on your own peril.