Entwined (Eternal Guardians)

Entwined - Elisabeth Naughton 5 stars

LOVVVIT! It seems now the story gets BETTER! As usual, I enjoyed the combat and some gory scenes. The plot was intriguing. Compared with previous, this book has a couple of steamy scenes which was scorching hot *fanself*. Besides, here's a scene that was heartbreaking I wanted to cry. Talk about intense. Everything was superb intense just prepared emotionally if you are intend to seriously indulge in Entwined.

My one big puzzle is Max was raised and grew up under Atalanta's thumb. Though he's okay physically and finally embraced his humanity, what about his emotional and mental though? I bet he's damaged inside. Even small part of it. I just want to know. So Ms. Naughton, I just hope you give Max's his own book well of course after he becomes a man some day.

My pet peeve for this book is I am so not impressed with the ending.

Off to Book 3 because it's Demetrius and Isadora. Yay! These two hate each other but the chemistry between them was sizzling hot. Recommended.