Singed (Titanium Security Series)

Singed - Kaylea Cross 3 stars

Spoilers Alert.

I could give this 4 stars but refused to because compared to previous book (Ignited), it was all about Gage and Claire rekindling their love for each other. The romance was great but it was the excitement I was looking for. I thought I would get the-next-action-pack in this book and I did but I got only a tiny bit. It wasn't enough. I wanted more.

The second chance love story - the first thing that popped in my mind was "Gage is going to reconcile with his ex? That's amazing!" And I thought Claire was the ex and found out later she wasn't. Bummer. Clearly I didn't pay attention to these two back in the previous book. But hey, there's no harm for hoping second chance in sacred foundation of marriage!

My hunger for thriller military suspense isn't going to stop here. Hell I just started I wasn't to give up. Two books by far failed to satiate the crave and I will move on the next book, hoping for combat explosion violence scenes. Pretty please.

Read on your own peril.