Berrr's Vow (Zorn Warriors, Book Four)

Berrr's Vow - Laurann Dohner 3 stars

I liked the plot. The main characters are not bad too especially heroine. Loved that she's a badass. Other characters are fine too. I know this is erotica but repetitive made me bored. So I only read one steamy scene, the rest I skipped. A few scenes similar with previous book too. That I didn't really like. I was hope for something different. Overall, Berrr's Vow was good.

Dear author, please don't end this series. Give me more Zorn warriors and I'm requesting Vhon, Vinlotti and Volder. I know Volder was a meanie but I believe somewhere deep he's a great guy. He's brother to Volha after all.

Until next book out then. Read on your own peril.