The Sinners Club

The Sinners Club - Kate Pearce The Sinners Club by Kate Pearce
Disappointed because I truly liked the story only to be ruined by Jack and Mary's non-existence love. Why did I say that? I was finally warmed to the idea of Jack and Simon as lovers. Their chemistry was super and hot, alright. And suddenly, Jack and Mary were besotted to each other. Ehhhh exactly how and when did that happen? When all I sensed between them was "friends with benefit". Did I miss something? Besides, Mary is annoying as hell. Ugh, I hated her.Anyway, whatever. As long as I enjoyed the mystery and the interaction between Jack and Simon, I could just ignore the not-so-good stuffs and be ignorant and content with the book.Read on your peril.P.S. Book contains M/M, M/F, ménage and orgy scenes.