The Untamed Mackenzie (MACKENZIES SERIES)

The Untamed Mackenzie - Jennifer Ashley 3 stars

It's a story about solving a murder case and Louisa is a main suspect and Fellows has to prove her innocence.

Things I like:
The mystery and puzzles. Very intriguing.

Fellows and Louisa are surprisingly hot couple.

Things I dislike:
Why the hell this book has to be anthology/short story because damn it, I want more!

The first 50% of the story was terribly slow and had no initial lead it was both frustrating and boring at the same time.

And suddenly, the answers were all out and it happened so fast it lacked of thrill I was seeking of.

I wasn't happy with how things end. I mean, it ended just like that.

The romance didn't reach to my satisfaction.


This book could do much better than this. I was heartbroken because I wanted Fellows to have his own full, long story not this short story. He's a bastard to old Kilmorgan, yes but truly, he deserves it. He's a tortured soul man just like his other half-siblings are and he suffered a lot, way more than others so why can't he have one? Whyyyyy? *crying*

Okay, enough with the frustration and move on. I'm looking forward to read the next Mackenzie.

Read on your own peril.