Beauty Awakened (Angels of the Dark)

Beauty Awakened  - Gena Showalter 4 stars

Admittedly, this one is quiet different than others written by Gena Showalter. I was so used to author's wild, sexy, hot writing and so when I got my hand on this, I was quite shocked. It was tame and mild -- I didn't like it. Thank goodness for all the thrilling part that made me stay and couldn't not going further.

Koldo is a quiet man, tortured soul and nobody knows more about him. One that filled with darkness but tried his hardest to be otherwise. Little he knew that with his constant being with Nicola, he was heading to one thing he yearned deeply when he was young. That would be Love. I must say that the two of them are one of the rare couples. They're virgins and... they're my first! Always with virgin ladies but the gents, have yet read virgin heroes, and let alone purest couples.

The only thing I can describe about Koldo is he's serious but soft, very dangerous but can be gentle. Yes, that's more like it. Nicola on the other hand, she's spineless. Or was spineless before she turned into awesomeness. I was relieved she could kick some ass then because it was dreading to read helpless hopeless her. I was annoyed with her sometimes. Anyway, I liked climatic part where she did some gruesome awesome.

When I read this, I was hoping for a bit of Lords of the Underworld. Will the Ever Randy (I believe he's one of the Riders of Apocalypse) and Kane (Keeper of Disaster). I miss the others, truly. I can't wait to grab the next installment of LOTU.

Now, I wonder who's story next after this one. My good instinct said it would be Thane. I will look forward to read it and I hope there would be no more mild and tame passion, please. I guess I need to lower my expectation for the next so I wouldn't be so shocked like I had with this one.

Read on your own peril.