Letters to a Secret Lover (Avon Romance)

Letters to a Secret Lover - Toni Blake From what I can conclude after I read this, the story is about forgiveness with essence of love and trust. Also with a small part of suspense (Note: William) which I found not necessary because it was sudden - like - it came out from no where. I didn't even enjoy the short spark of thrill from it, truth to be told. Besides, the premise carried a very steer clear message - never being judgmental on people. People do mistakes all time. I do. We were born not to be perfect. That is very reason why I liked this book so much.

I enjoyed the romance between Rob and Lindsey. The chemistry was so great it got me experiencing all sorts of emotion. Total wrecked but might not be but still, some. Rob was a brooding guy and he had a worst past it haunted him still. He is definitely listed in one-tortured-soul-guy list. That past made him scared and afraid to love, to trust, and to hope. Until he met Lindsey. She's a cheerful, lively, kind, innocent, naughty, and funny girl. I enjoyed her passion in high fashion and she doesn't judge on people. She do that, I instantly fall in love with her.

What made my heart constricted?
1. The moment Rob told Lindsey his darkest past
2. The moment Lindsey found a lot of unsent letters to a secret lover in Rob's shoebox
3. The moment Lindsey finally knew who is Rob's secret lover

Oh dear, so intense, so emotional. There, those three points I mentioned above are parts that nearly got me crying! Perhaps, it's just me tough.

Highly recommend.

P. S. I'm still searching book(s) that really will get me to shed tears. Fingers crossed!