One Dance with a Duke

One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare This is my first read. I enjoyed the romance. The theme is marriage of convenience which I liked the most. Reading love blooms after marriage is intriguing. Things more interesting when it comes to the romance involves with hot hot hot guy and plain, spinster girl.

Duke of Morland, Spencer or he is well-known with other name, Duke of Midnight, only showing at stroke of midnight. For me, it felt like he sent the vibe that he's someone you to fear, evil, someone you shouldn't have trouble with and for girls, he is someone to desire. He's already hot and that is just making him more hot. From what I've read, he has agoraphobia or fear of crowd. Poor him.
Despite his hard-shelled outer appearance, he's actually a romantic, caring kind of guy and he didn't wish people know that part of him.

Amelia, she's a loving and good-hearted person. She put others especially her loved ones first before her. She really cares about their welfare which I found it an admirable trait. However, she's too care, too kind, too hopeful and too believe with everything will going to be alright, she failed to see failure, harm which exactly in front of her eyes. Or, should I say, she's good about denial.

I fell in love with this book the moment I read their first meet and dance. It was funny because it was Amelia who came to him for dance where he's the one usually will find a lady to dance with him for the night and the girl of his choice, of course, the beautiful ones. For the whole waltz, he felt dread but at the same time he enjoyed her company, a conversation with her.

This book got 5-star because it's Spencer. So succumbed in his love for his wife. Just wow. I would've put this book 4-star because whatever happened to Leo's murder??? The mystery just stopped there for which I really do want some answer for his death. But then, on second thought, this book is a historical romance. All about romance, of course. Never mind the mystery (But I do mind! LOL)

Highly recommend if you like historical romance just like me.