Slave to Sensation

Slave to Sensation  - Nalini Singh 5+ stars

This book was awesome. I loved it! I was angry with myself because I waited this long to start this series. This book has been in my shelf two years ago. Damn. I missed out fun. I really can't believe myself for doing so.

Anyway during my reading, I was introduced to a new world and it's very unique. Honest to tell, I was confused with a lot of things at the beginning and process to try, learn, and grasp the new understanding of world of Psy and Changeling did make a bit headache. The plot was so interesting as it surrounded with lots of puzzles you eager to attach the pieces to its place. I enjoyed the romance between two very different, unique people - Sascha is a Psy (empath) and Lucas is a Changeling (leopard + human).

This book is full of love, passion, affection. So heartwarming! There are also heart-wrenching moments. These happened not only to two main characters but other minor characters too. I'm now on book 2. I hope it's as good as this one.

Highly recommended.