Act Like You Love Me - Cindi Madsen

Act Like You Love Me by Cindi Madsen is a partially okay read. Actually, this book made me rolled my eyes a lot during entire reading. Brynn had insecurities during high school and she still has them although she toned it down and they were being weird and a nerd. Which is total opposite being cool. Of course, according to Brynn because this is a part of where I want to just smack her head.


Seriously, what is wrong being weird and nerd? I love being weird and nerd. In fact, I embrace it because you got to be yourself. High school is a tough place yes been there done that but if you allow those people to prick you mentally, I'm sorry to say but good luck because it'll haunt you forever. Ohhh that's you Brynn!


This book got lucky I didn't gave it up entirely although I did some skimming because I hated reading Brynn's pathetic thoughts. However, I enjoyed reading their romance. Surprisingly, the hero and heroine had a great chemistry between them. I liked the setting where there's the lake house. Just imagine such a place and it gives a peace vibe, sigh.


Don't know if I wish to grab the next in the series. Definitely not wish to read another annoying heroine. Read on your own peril.