To the Edge (The Bodyguards)

To the Edge (Bodyguard, #1) - Cindy Gerard DNF @ 9%
Rolled my eyes A LOT.

She's angry she throw tantrums to daddy dearest over the phone.
She's angry she didn't get what she wants she throws her phone across the room.
She's angry she just went ahead punch an innocent, she-just-met guy in the face.

Seriously, are those necessary? Is this heroine mental or something? And 30+ year-old definitely doesn't act like that. Also she dislikes the guy thinks she's a bimbo oh well news flash missy you're one when you're giving off impression to him like that. AND to me too.

I don't mind reading strong female character. In fact, I love it because I don't like reading spineless lady. But this one, this one isn't headstrong. She's more of a spoilt rich kid trapped in a body of 30s.

Awful start for first read by C.G. I'm sorry but not sorry because this book just wasn't for me. Better off to read other fantastic romance suspense books with mature characters, both physically and mentality.

Read on your own peril.