Enraptured (Eternal Guardians)

Enraptured - Elisabeth Naughton 5 stars

Just great.

It started out really slow at first and I had a hard time to grasp with the story, at the point I was worried this book might not be my favourite in the series. Well, I was wrong and I'm glad I enjoyed it immensely.

Skyla would be on top of my favourite heroine in this series. She's an assassin, a fighter, and feisty. Yet have a loving and tender heart. Definitely my kind of girl. There's a scene involving her that tugged my heart I was close to cry and curse oh shit is this going to be a happily never after, no!. Yes, I was scared shit for her. For Orpheus. For both of them. Pardon me the continuous usage of shit word.

Next best thing in this book would be their journey to the Underworld. It was fascinating although it wasn't as thrilling as I was expecting and it was suffice enough because other scenes weren't lack thereof.

My observation from beginning until now is that I conclude that the Fate is three old meddle and romantic hags. They're so funny alright. They clearly enjoy this Hera soulmate curse (or blessing in Argonauts' case) thing.

Next book will be about Gryphon and Maelea. To be honest, I'm not sure about these two. Not sure if I want to put high expectation on the next book. One is far-too-cry-out damaged soul and broken. One is too dark and spineless. Will there be any excitement? Should I prepare for emotionally drained? I guess so.