Marked (Eternal Guardians)

Marked - Elisabeth Naughton 5 stars

This book is underrated.

Since I'm perhaps the minority one (well, I always am in that category) who love this book, hereby I to say that this book is FANTASTIC.


Full of action-packed, and some wicked, gory scenes. Ah, perfect for my current mode to read suspense, thriller books.

I loved the mythology. It's similar (not rip-off) to LOTU series that I love so much.

The heroine was awesome and feisty!

Sexy, strong and gentle hero too.

And promising of more sexy Argonaut hunkies once I go through the series. *evil grin*

I just don't understand the low rating though. Probably because of a little sex scenes, too much sexual tension and the constant back-and-pull between the lovebirds, I guess? Maybe because of other reasons as well? -- Anyway, I didn't bother with the lacking of those as long as I enjoyed reading Marked.

Book 2, here me comesss! Recommended.