The Darkest Hour (A KGI Novel)

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks DNF @ 37%

I was in the mood to read something suspense, mystery and thriller. Oh how I did enjoy the action at the beginning of the book only to find the excitement was short and killed with uber emotional afterwards.

I wanted to finish it but the more I went through, it gotten weird and weirder. Let me tell you why.

I didn't feel the connection between Ethan and Rachel - note that they're married. However, there was a spark between Rachel and Garrett, Ethan's brother - which didn't bode well with me. I begun to think "Uh oh somebody married to a wrong brother." I didn't know what other readers might think of this but to me, it seems it's wrong on so many levels.

Endearment from Ethan to his wife, it didn't bother me. Others as well too but with moderate usage. However, in this book, it was overrated.

I get the family affection and all but why did it feel like... incest.

Too emotional. I'm not ready to handle that after previous read.

Seriously, it was a bummer because it was action pack with a little bit of romance of course that I was looking for. Not some drama llama emotional drained thing.

Anyway, I rest my case here. I guess everybody loves it but me. Read on your own peril.