Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction)

Haunting Blackie: 8 (Cyborg Seduction) - Laurann Dohner 4 stars

I love this series! You are awesome, Laurann Dohner.

What I disliked.
I just don't understand why I felt dull chemistry between Blackie and Eve. I tried to like them as a couple but I couldn't. Also, I found Eve's annoying. Well, sometimes.

What I liked.
Although Eve isn't in the top of my favourite heroines' list, she's kickass though. I loved heroines who are independent and can protect themselves, don't need help from heroes, you know. Blackie's hot. Also, I loved Danica. I even loved the idea of Danica and Gene. Their chemistry was palpable.

Here I'm wondering when will the next book out. I hope it's sooner enough.

Recommended if you like erotic PNR.