Shaken - Dee Tenorio 4 stars

Before you wish to start devouring this book, please do make sure you are ready for it, both mental and emotional. To be honest, this one is one hell of heartwrenching; it was excruciating!

At first I didn't get it why Jules wanted a divorce because I saw no fault in their marriage. Her husband is there for her, gave support and is still madly in love with her. As I went further, I learnt what had held Grant from breaking down. That had my anger full blast on Jules for being selfish. Poor Grant he is the true tortured soul here.

If my life was about to break apart, away from someone you truly love is the last thing I want to do. Someone like Grant, Jules didn't deserve him but well, he loves her too much. Besides, if couple were real, I couldn't say much. I can't even be in their shoes for I neither a wife nor a mother. I didn't know the feeling of losing your child. However, if it'd me, I'll gone mad. Dear Lord, do forbid such thing from happening.

I love Grant for fighting to save their marriage and revealing his vulnerability. It shows how much she meant to him, it's just so sweet. True love. Despite I was furious with Jules, I still love her for fighting to have faith. She was on critical stage of falling apart but believe, trust and love have willed her to learn Grant's pain. Together, they moved on. Never easy but they tried and have their happily ever after!