Countdown To A Kiss (A New Year's Eve Anthology)

Countdown To A Kiss: A New Year's Eve Anthology - Colleen Gleason, Holli Bertram, Mara Jacobs, Liz  Kelly Tess by Colleen Gleason - 4 stars - Tess was getting divorced, she quit her fabulous job and she was back in town to look for a normal life: a good husband, children and family. Whilst she was in town, she stumbled with hot Johnny Wilder. A guy she had crush on for years. More surprisingly, the man himself had fall in love with her like, forever. Sad thing was the two of them didn't say anything about their feelings, hence the dragged years but this time's New Year's their fates finally entwined. They learnt each other's feelings and didn't seem wish to fight the amazing attraction either. So they became an item for real. Oh loved them and enjoyed reading Tess a lot. She's has a great sense of humour. I didn't what to like about Johnny though except that he's walking sexy to stuff.

Annabelle by Liz Kelly - 5 stars - I liked the story like, a lot! It was so sweet and cute story. With added bonus, ultimate romance in it, it swooned me. How Annabelle and Duncan met each other was a set up from the beginning. Since they are meant to be together, the first time they met each other, they clicked! I liked Duncan's part the most when he said, "I'm going to marry that girl!". He also mused to him that he have found her. So romantic! Both had sense of humour which I enjoyed reading their funny remarks that made me laughed a lot. The two were at ease and honest with each other. Just well, I loved them! You know what people always say, "When you're marrying the right person you will know it because it feels right." That sums up about Annabelle and Duncan.

Grace by Holli Bertram - 4 stars - Grace was a brave and tough with no girlie stuffs but then when she intended to be one, she is a true belle. Wow it was way awesome men wanted her and she had plenty hot pursuits surround her because men liked her, she's unique. The romance was mild, I liked it anyway and the interesting part was, there was one romantic slash funny moment when the countdown started. As soon as Grace announced to a crowd she was looking for someone for the lifetime, a few men rushed to get to her and it was hell of competition. Oh that includes brooding Leo Ramos. As a tortured soul Leo couldn't resist the mighty Grace because he was afraid to get hurt once more but he was helpless when it came to Grace. He fell hard on her and vowed to make her his. So sweet!

Lewis by Mara Jacobs - 4 stars - Lewis is a geek. A hot geek and he had a crush on Grace for a while but he didn't know his heart and his soul were actually belonged to Darcy. Darcy is a romantic lady who believes in love. "Have faith" would be a perfect motto to describe her as she didn't give up her dream to be with Lewis. Well, Darcy had a crush of Lewis since she was young and kissing him was one of her dreams but she was well aware of Lewis' crush on Grace. She had insecurity for herself but she put effort to make herself appear beautiful for Lewis (she's a beauty, really) and she created a game for the love to him. I awed. On New Year's Eve she ended up in ER with Lewis stuck with her and they shared their interests. Eventually Lewis' feelings grew on Darcy and happily ever after in the end!

Recommended and Happy New Year 2013!