Heaven, Texas

Heaven, Texas - Susan Elizabeth Phillips I was impressed with the first book in this series and I went straight for this one. It's Bobby Tom's book and I really loved him in the first book. So, I was expecting something really good in this book because it's about Bobby Tom's but only to find that it didn't meet any of my expectations. Yes, I got bit disappointed. Only if the plot is different.

I enjoyed the romance. Or romances, if I must say. Romance number ONE: Bobby Tom and Gracie. A player like Bobby Tom got smitten all over, fell in love with an innocent like Gracie -- that was absolutely interesting to read. Besides, I liked it when Bobby Tom unconsciously claimed on her. He didn't realize he was making her his in the beginning. It amused me. Romance number TWO: Suzy and Way. Not going say much about this two but one thing for sure, their romance was oh-damn-so-good nearly stole the spotlight from the main couple.

I would have rated this book 3-star if it wouldn't for the fact I enjoyed so much at climatic part. It was so exciting I got perked up. Hence, another star added. Anyway, it was a good read. I enjoyed SEP's writing. Funny and witty, I laughed and smiled a lot. I will of course looking forward for the next sequel.