Line of Scrimmage

Line of Scrimmage - Marie Force Line of Scrimmage is my first read contemporary romance married couple and I've found I quite liked it. The book was intense. indeed. Some parts are depressing, some are total heart-wrenching and some are just sweet and lovely.

I don't know about having football player for husband, let alone about marriage but anyway, for sure Susannah is just one lucky woman. Apart from the obvious, her husband, Ryan is a nice gentleman, faithful and more important he's willing to do anything to win her and her heart back because he loves her. Always. Who wouldn't want a husband like that? I want.

As for Susannah, there's something about her that I disliked but I do understand her feelings though. I believe it wasn't easy to be a wife to someone's rich, famous and football player. I also believe that it must be a lot of hell to lose something that's very dear and precious.

From what I can conclude from my reading, it's all the matter of communication and understanding. So, overall this book is good. I enjoyed it immensely despite the oh-so-many-depressing-odds-when-can-it-ends. So yeah, that's all.

I'm very much interested to read more contemporary romance married couples but with HEA. So, please be kind to recommend me some? :)