Riding Wild (Wild Riders)

Riding Wild - Jaci Burton I really love story about badass, kickass brothers. I love it even more when ladies, their bad news, come into their lives. Wrecked their lives upside down. Intriguing, you know.

So, this is my first by Jaci Burton. The story was quite interesting. I enjoyed the plot, the characters and the action-pack. The book got lots of steamy part than the thrill, action-pack. But well, of course, what did you expect anyway since this is an erotic book? LOL.

I loved the romance. Hero and heroine, Mac and Lily had history together and they met again after 10 years at the very wrong time and wrong place. Mac is one hot tough ex-thief. I felt bad for him because despite his love towards Lily, he had to make her believe he was what Lily thought although actually, he wasn't. I liked that he is protective over Lily. I even liked him more when he said, "I don't share". That is one helluva statement of dominance guy. And Lily, I really got annoyed with her stubbornness and her being pushy. However, I do understand why she acted all suspicious. She must guard her feelings from being shattered for another time. If that happened, she would completely damage and destroy.

Other characters, the brothers made appearance too - Paxton, Rick, Spencer, Diaz, and AJ. From what Lily's descriptions on their men, they're deadly dangerous, good-looking with hot body, and they ride Harleys. They ride other fancy, expensive cars too but the trademark is Harley.

Oh, I liked the climatic part. Awesome, you know! I seriously wish the action part got a little bit longer because it was thrilling. It got me hook up, adrenaline rush, and couldn't stop turning the page. Totally enjoyed the excitement.

So gonna look forward on the next sequel. Okay, that's all!