Skin Game: Skin Series, Book 1 (Berkley Sensation)

Skin Game (Skin #1) - Ava Gray Another assassin book I’ve read. Bliss. Previous and first assassin book I read Poison Study, wasn’t that bad but it’s YA. Not that I despise YA books but it’s just that, I felt it lacked of something because I was expecting otherwise. I wanted more. Anyway, loved this book not just because of assassin/killer essence in it but it’s also marketed as adult fiction. Which made things more, more interesting.

The premise was more about romance – which I enjoyed the most and hot hot hot. The fantasy/supernatural only showed in Kyra, the heroine. She has this ability to absorb others’ ability. E.g. you’re good at paintball shooting but she doesn’t but she would after she touched you because she absorbed the ability from you. Or for better example, watch Heroes TV series. Apart from that, she’s a professional con-woman. Brave, strong, and smart are essential traits in Kyra. That’s why Reyes attracted to her.

Reyes, the hero. He’s hot, alright. He’s charming that you’ll never know he’s killer. Very, very deadly. The top sought after assassin. That’s what he do for a living. However, he doesn’t simply kill because he’s hired. He’ll check on everything before he’ll finish the job. Very careful, indeed.

What I liked best is that Ms. Gray didn’t ‘sugarcoat’ everything. You read about sex and you’re expecting mild details about it but no. No mild but with every detail. Same thing goes for the horror part. O yeah, put bullet in someone’s head, taking out a bullet from a shot-wounded flesh, lots of blood, and definitely no mercy. I wish it were more gory, wouldn’t that be interesting? Besides, the action-pack part was awesome! Nothing can beat the rush of adrenaline, seriously. Couldn’t stop myself from page-turning.

I liked this book very much. I enjoyed it pretty good but I don’t know about you. Trust me, it’s worth to read it. I highly recommend it if you’re a contemporary-romance-with-suspense-and-thriller-lover. This book is definitely for you.