The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2)

The Darkest Kiss - Gena Showalter Second installment of Lords of the Underworld. Sexy, hot warriors housed demons in them. Previous ones was story about Maddox, Lord of Violence with his dear lady Ashlyn. This one was about Lucien, Lord of Death with his lady Anya, Goddess of Anarchy.

Lucien is alone and sad. He feels guilty for what he did to his friends and morose for he had once lost someone dearest to him. There's Anya and she likes Lucien ever since she saw him first in previous book. She tries so hard to get Lucien's attention but the guy refuses. Things got interested when Mr. Cronos has desired something from Anya and he wants it but Anya refuses. She has her reasons. Cronos, didn't get what he wants -- decides to play dirty. Besides, the warriors learn something about Pandora box and to retrieve it isn't that easy. They have to track down something and they're scattered at some parts of the world.

There are two mini stories of Paris and Reyes. The most interesting and intriguing part is about Paris, Lord of Promiscuity. His story was enough taking me away from main story and honestly, I got excited. I liked Paris because of all the Lords, I think that he's the most tortured soul. I'm so curious of how he's going to stay with one and only but with the fact that his demon is Promiscuity. That is one thing of surely hell, I believe, it is not going to be easy. Reyes, Lord of Pain - he has to save Danika because yeah, the bloodlust Aeron, Lord of Wrath is on killing spree party.

I had been having fun reading this book because of Anya, the Goddess of Anarchy. She is a prankster, funny and immature. I also enjoyed Anya and Lucien are bantering each other. It was just so cute. The romance, I enjoyed less. I felt it dull. There was something hilarious enough I laughed and almost fell from my chair -- she called Lucien Flowers, sweetcakes, Lucy etc. It was just, wow, really? Calling someone so vital, so strong and a warrior with such nick names? Like I mentioned above, reading about Paris was so great and the worst that right now is Paris' story is Book 9 and my...I'm still at Book 2 -- it's a way of long journey. However, I disliked the ending. Even so, I can't wait for the next!