Dark Lover (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 1)

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward The book was tough for me. I was close-call to put the book down (which I did) and never continue to read it again (but I continued anyway because I was curious as this book, this series has high ratings). The book has many POV’s too – making me headache. Honest to tell, I did some skipping/fast-scanning too because they were boring.

Despite with what I’ve mentioned above, there are few things I liked about the book. I liked the romance between Wrath and Beth. I liked this one’s vampire myth (Note: Human blood can’t make them live for long) because it’s different from other vampire books I’ve read. I liked stories about brothers/warriors and I always am.

Anyway, I’m contemplating whether the series worth to continue. I’m afraid I might get disappointed with the next sequel. So, should I? Should I not.