Jekel Loves Hyde

Jekel Loves Hyde - Beth Fantaskey Jekel is indeed loved Hyde. She does aware that a boy she's in love in fact has dark past, dangerous and deadly but love is over the heels, she doesn't care about anything else as long as she loves him and has him by her side. And for Hyde, he knows he couldn't trust himself because he could harm but he couldn't help to not admit that deep down inside of him apart from his evil side, he loves Jekel and he wants to protect even from himself. I wonder whether such kind of love and situation ever existed outside of fiction and book world?

This book is a tragic yet hot and passion kind of love story. It's my first time reading this kind of love story. Definitely different from other love stories that I've had read and I can assure you this is totally different. Though this book is thrilling and exciting but I'm not a fan of horror and violence. I really want to stop reading this book as the violence starts took over but the curiosity urged me to read more. I'm gladly I'd able to finish it.